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Dave Neamand - Master Engraver & Metalsmith

Dave Neamand

I have been hand fabricating and free hand engraving gold and sterling silver jewelry for 28 years. I do not have an apprentice or any employees. My jewelry is hand crafted by myself. I create all my jewelry from 14Kt gold and sterling silver sheet and wire of different gauges and I hand fabricate each piece one at a time.

My free hand engraving is a Victorian scroll style of engraving. I do not use any patterns or pictures when engraving. My engraving designs are dictated by the shape of the piece. My engraving is cut on three sides, which is called a triple bright cut and reflects light. Hand engraving is very different from power machine engraving, stamping, or acid etching.

I travel to art and fine craft fairs to sell my jewelry. At the art fairs, I have a selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that I fabricate of 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, or 14Kt Gold and Sterling Silver as shown in my gallery. Some of my jewelry pieces include precious and semi precious stones. Selected designs are one of a kind. I welcome custom design commissions and it is a large portion of my work. I often change designs and do commission work; therefore, I do not have a catalog or brochure available. Please visit my Gallery to see examples of my artwork. I will be glad to discuss your needs for custom designed jewelry at an art fair or feel free to call or send an email.



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Call For Information: 216.469.9083

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Now Located at:

839 Dry Valley Road
PO Box 687
Townsend, TN 37882
April 13, 2021